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Captains: essentials

This is intentionally brief, and does not cover everything – the full rules are here.

1 Who can play

– Understand Rule 11.3 – your club must ‘virtually’ select its 1st/2nd/3rd etc. teams every match day, for every league, then field only the relevant team for the relevant match. Points deductions at risk.
– Masters: understand your age limits. Points deductions at risk.
– Players can only play for one club per season (rule 11; exceptions for Grand Masters) Points deductions at risk.

2 You can’t get a team out, or fear you won’t be able to

– Let your oppo captain know as soon as possible; read 7.2 and 7.3 of the rules for the detail. 5-0 result and points deductions at risk.

3 Not ready to start a game on time?

There’s 15 minute window (delays caused by preceding matches must be taken into account); read 7.1 and 7.2 of the rules for the detail5-0 result and points deductions at risk.

4 There is some injustice during a game

If this because of umpiring decisions, or other events outside the league’s rules or control, please understand that the league will almost certainly not be able to resolve things. Email us at if you think we can help. NB the league does not record yellow or red cards; red cards or Matchday Misconduct Offences (MMOs) must be reported to your county HAs.

5 There is some other problem, preventing a game being played

This depends on the circumstances, but the league will normally ask for the match to be rearranged, in the interests of hockey being played to settle matters, rather than by administrative decisions. Read about slip dates/rearrangements; email us at as required.

6 Entering results

Home captains are responsible for entering results via FixturesLive (though captains or club admins from either club can), so you must be set up by your club as captain/manager. Your name will appear on the relevant team page of FixturesLive or our web site. The visibility of your contact details is jointly under your control and your club’s FixturesLive admins. The FixturesLive support article is

7 Shirt numbers are required for Prem, Division 1 and league finals

– See rules 13.2-13.4 for the detail. Fines possible.