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Club of the Year (Watson Bowl)

The Watson Bowl is awarded at the end of each season to the club who has performed best across all competitions. It is named after Robert Watson, founder of the league.


2019/20: Clapham Common
2018/19: East Grinstead
2017/18: Reading
2016/17: Reading
2015/16: St. Albans
2014/15: Reading
2013/14: Reading
2012/13: London Wayfarers
2011/12: Indian Gymkhana
2010/11: Indian Gymkhana
2009/10: Spencer
2008/09: Surbiton
2007/08: Spencer
2006/07: Reading
2005/06: Reading
2004/05: Hampstead and Westminster
2003/04: Surbiton
2002/03: Southgate
2001/02: Surbiton
2000/01: Southgate
1999/00: Southgate
1998/99: Reading
1997/98: St. Albans
1996/97: Surbiton
1995/96: Surbiton
1994/95: Hounslow
1993/94: St. Albans
1992/93: St. Albans
1991/92: St. Albans