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Grand Masters Division A 2018/19

Higgins Group London Hockey League

Higgins Group London Hockey League

P W D L F A +/- Pts
1- Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters11100181255630
2- Reading Superveterans1190249143527
3- Sevenoaks Superveterans1190248133527
4- Bromley and Beckenham Ravens1171338201822
5- Eastcote Past Masters1161437201719
6 Spencer Supervets114252432-814
7 Chelmsford Evergreens114252529-413*
8 Hampstead and Westminster London GM113352131-1012
9- Southgate Magnums113261839-2110*
10- St. Albans Centurions113171832-149*
11- Surbiton Vintage111281466-524*
12- Amersham and Chalfont Grand Masters110011961-520

* = points adjustments

No future fixtures.

04 May 2019
Bromley and Beckenham Ravens2-3Spencer Supervets
to be rearranged -Spencer cup/rearranged from 23/2
09 March 2019
Spencer Supervets0-3Eastcote Past Masters
Chelmsford Evergreens5-0Surbiton Vintage
Surbiton conceded
St. Albans Centurions1-3Reading Superveterans
Sevenoaks Superveterans5-2Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters
Southgate Magnums2-6Bromley and Beckenham Ravens
23 February 2019
Eastcote Past Masters4-2St. Albans Centurions
Reading Superveterans5-0Amersham and Chalfont Grand Masters
Surbiton Vintage0-11Sevenoaks Superveterans
Hampstead and Westminster London GM1-1Southgate Magnums
09 February 2019
Reading Superveterans5-2Eastcote Past Masters
St. Albans Centurions1-4Bromley and Beckenham Ravens
Spencer Supervets5-2Hampstead and Westminster London GM
Amersham and Chalfont Grand Masters0-5Chelmsford Evergreens
Southgate Magnums0-13Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters
02 February 2019
Bromley and Beckenham Ravens5-0Amersham and Chalfont Grand Masters
rearranged from 22/12- Amersham conceded
26 January 2019
Eastcote Past Masters10-1Amersham and Chalfont Grand Masters
Chelmsford Evergreens3-1Sevenoaks Superveterans
Bromley and Beckenham Ravens5-0Reading Superveterans
Reading conceded
Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters12-2Spencer Supervets
Hampstead and Westminster London GM2-1St. Albans Centurions
Surbiton Vintage1-6Southgate Magnums
12 January 2019
Amersham and Chalfont Grand Masters0-11Sevenoaks Superveterans
Spencer Supervets1-1Surbiton Vintage
Eastcote Past Masters1-3Bromley and Beckenham Ravens
St. Albans Centurions1-5Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters
Reading Superveterans4-1Hampstead and Westminster London GM
29 December 2018
Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters4-3Reading Superveterans
Chelmsford Evergreens0-0Southgate Magnums
to be rearrranged - s/gate postponed
Hampstead and Westminster London GM0-0Eastcote Past Masters
Surbiton Vintage0-0St. Albans Centurions
to be rearranged - mutual agreement
22 December 2018
Sevenoaks Superveterans5-1Hampstead and Westminster London GM
rearranged from 22/09
15 December 2018
Spencer Supervets1-1Chelmsford Evergreens
Eastcote Past Masters2-4Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters
Reading Superveterans11-0Surbiton Vintage
Bromley and Beckenham Ravens2-2Hampstead and Westminster London GM
Southgate Magnums0-1Sevenoaks Superveterans
08 December 2018
Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters9-5Amersham and Chalfont Grand Masters
to be re-arranged from 03/11
Chelmsford Evergreens1-2St. Albans Centurions
rearranged from 1/12
01 December 2018
Surbiton Vintage2-4Eastcote Past Masters
Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters5-0Bromley and Beckenham Ravens
Hampstead and Westminster London GM3-1Amersham and Chalfont Grand Masters
Sevenoaks Superveterans4-1Spencer Supervets
17 November 2018
Reading Superveterans5-0Chelmsford Evergreens
St. Albans Centurions1-6Sevenoaks Superveterans
Amersham and Chalfont Grand Masters1-2Southgate Magnums
Bromley and Beckenham Ravens6-0Surbiton Vintage
Hampstead and Westminster London GM3-5Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters
03 November 2018
Southgate Magnums3-2Spencer Supervets
Chelmsford Evergreens1-9Eastcote Past Masters
Surbiton Vintage5-6Hampstead and Westminster London GM
Sevenoaks Superveterans0-4Reading Superveterans
20 October 2018
St. Albans Centurions5-3Southgate Magnums
Amersham and Chalfont Grand Masters0-4Spencer Supervets
Bromley and Beckenham Ravens4-3Chelmsford Evergreens
Eastcote Past Masters0-1Sevenoaks Superveterans
Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters15-0Surbiton Vintage
06 October 2018
Southgate Magnums0-7Reading Superveterans
Sevenoaks Superveterans3-1Bromley and Beckenham Ravens
Spencer Supervets4-2St. Albans Centurions
Amersham and Chalfont Grand Masters1-5Surbiton Vintage
As advised by Paddy email8/10
Chelmsford Evergreens2-0Hampstead and Westminster London GM
22 September 2018
Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters7-4Chelmsford Evergreens
St. Albans Centurions2-0Amersham and Chalfont Grand Masters
Reading Superveterans2-1Spencer Supervets
Eastcote Past Masters2-1Southgate Magnums
Name Club Open Stroke PC Total
Steve Stowell Sevenoaks 20 0 0 20
Jeremy Goldring Sevenoaks 6 0 0 6
Peter Jakob Sevenoaks 6 0 0 6
Ali Hay Sevenoaks 4 0 0 4
Nigel Hale Amersham and Chalfont 3 0 0 3
Ian Rea Sevenoaks 3 0 0 3
Paul Bollington Amersham and Chalfont 3 0 0 3
Henry Robinson Sevenoaks 3 0 0 3
Neil Wanstall Sevenoaks 2 0 0 2
David Pettitt Sevenoaks 2 0 0 2