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Masters (O50s) Division 2 2020/21

London Hockey League

London Hockey League

P W D L F A +/- Pts
1- Old Georgians Phoenix66004263618
2- Reading Superveterans540129101912
3- Bromley and Beckenham Ravens63211991011
4- Richmond Rogues63122019110
5- Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters 50s62132331-87
6- Surbiton Magnets42021121-106
7- Old Cranleighans Hamstrings410358-33
8- Eastcote Past Masters5104723-163
9- Tring Supervets6006837-290
27 February 2021
Eastcote Past Masters(+)Tring Supervets
Reading Superveterans(+)Richmond Rogues
Old Cranleighans Hamstrings(+)Old Georgians Phoenix
Bromley and Beckenham Ravens(+)Surbiton Magnets
13 February 2021
Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters 50s(+)Surbiton Magnets
Richmond Rogues(+)Old Cranleighans Hamstrings
Old Georgians Phoenix(+)Eastcote Past Masters
Bromley and Beckenham Ravens(+)Reading Superveterans
06 February 2021
Eastcote Past Masters(+)Old Cranleighans Hamstrings
Surbiton Magnets(+)Tring Supervets
Reading Superveterans(+)Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters 50s
Bromley and Beckenham Ravens(+)Richmond Rogues
30 January 2021
Tring Supervets(+)Reading Superveterans
Richmond Rogues(+)Eastcote Past Masters
Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters 50s(+)Bromley and Beckenham Ravens
Old Georgians Phoenix(+)Surbiton Magnets
23 January 2021
Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters 50s(+)Richmond Rogues
Reading Superveterans(+)Old Georgians Phoenix
Bromley and Beckenham Ravens(+)Tring Supervets
Old Cranleighans Hamstrings(+)Surbiton Magnets
16 January 2021
Old Georgians Phoenix(+)Bromley and Beckenham Ravens
from 9/1
09 January 2021
Surbiton Magnets(+)Eastcote Past Masters
Tring Supervets(+)Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters 50s
Old Cranleighans Hamstrings(+)Reading Superveterans
19 December 2020
Tring Supervets(+)Old Georgians Phoenix
Covid related
Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters 50s(+)Old Cranleighans Hamstrings
Covid related
Bromley and Beckenham Ravens5-0Eastcote Past Masters
Eastcote unable to raise side
Richmond Rogues(+)Surbiton Magnets
Covid related
12 December 2020
Reading Superveterans5-1Eastcote Past Masters
Tring Supervets2-6Richmond Rogues
Bromley and Beckenham Ravens2-0Old Cranleighans Hamstrings
Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters 50s2-8Old Georgians Phoenix
05 December 2020
Old Georgians Phoenix7-0Richmond Rogues
Old Cranleighans Hamstrings2-1Tring Supervets
Reading Superveterans7-1Surbiton Magnets
Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters 50s6-2Eastcote Past Masters
31 October 2020
Old Georgians Phoenix8-2Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters 50s
from 12/09/due to covid/double header 12/12/
24 October 2020
Tring Supervets2-7Surbiton Magnets
Richmond Rogues1-1Bromley and Beckenham Ravens
Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters 50s4-7Reading Superveterans
Old Cranleighans Hamstrings2-3Eastcote Past Masters
17 October 2020
Richmond Rogues5-2Tring Supervets
10 October 2020
Eastcote Past Masters1-5Richmond Rogues
Bromley and Beckenham Ravens3-3Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters 50s
Surbiton Magnets1-11Old Georgians Phoenix
Reading Superveterans10-1Tring Supervets
03 October 2020
Bromley and Beckenham Ravens1-5Old Georgians Phoenix
Due to league not starting until 26/9/from 19/09
26 September 2020
Tring Supervets0-7Bromley and Beckenham Ravens
Old Georgians Phoenix3-0Reading Superveterans
Richmond Rogues3-6Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters 50s
Surbiton Magnets2-1Old Cranleighans Hamstrings
19 September 2020
Eastcote Past Masters(+)Surbiton Magnets
Due to league not starting until 26/9
Reading Superveterans(+)Old Cranleighans Hamstrings
Due to league not starting until 26/9
Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters 50s(+)Tring Supervets
Due to league not starting until 26/9
12 September 2020
Eastcote Past Masters(+)Reading Superveterans
Due to league not starting until 26/9
Old Cranleighans Hamstrings(+)Bromley and Beckenham Ravens
Due to league not starting until 26/9

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