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Supervets Division 2 2018/19

Higgins Group London Hockey League

Higgins Group London Hockey League

P W D L F A +/- Pts
1- Reading Superveterans16132183117241
2- Hampstead and Westminster Supervets16122260293138
3- Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters16102453371632
4- Bromley and Beckenham Ravens16101551213031
5- Southgate Magnums166193738-119
6- Old Cranleighans Hamstrings165291943-2417
7 Richmond Rogues1651102757-3016
8 Eastcote Past Masters1641113060-3013
9- Tring Supervets1610152286-643

No future fixtures.

27 April 2019
Old Cranleighans Hamstrings2-1Hampstead and Westminster Supervets
Tring Supervets0-7Southgate Magnums
Richmond Rogues2-1Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters
Reading Superveterans5-1Bromley and Beckenham Ravens
20 April 2019
Hampstead and Westminster Supervets5-0Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters
to be rearranged
13 April 2019
Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters6-2Eastcote Past Masters
Bromley and Beckenham Ravens4-0Old Cranleighans Hamstrings
Richmond Rogues2-1Southgate Magnums
Double header
Hampstead and Westminster Supervets3-1Tring Supervets
06 April 2019
Eastcote Past Masters1-3Southgate Magnums
Richmond Rogues2-3Hampstead and Westminster Supervets
Tring Supervets1-4Bromley and Beckenham Ravens
Old Cranleighans Hamstrings0-3Reading Superveterans
30 March 2019
Reading Superveterans9-0Tring Supervets
Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters4-1Southgate Magnums
Southgate Magnums1-4Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters
rearranged from 24/11
Bromley and Beckenham Ravens8-0Richmond Rogues
Hampstead and Westminster Supervets7-3Eastcote Past Masters
23 March 2019
Eastcote Past Masters0-7Bromley and Beckenham Ravens
Tring Supervets4-2Old Cranleighans Hamstrings
Richmond Rogues1-5Reading Superveterans
Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters3-3Hampstead and Westminster Supervets
16 March 2019
Bromley and Beckenham Ravens5-0Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters
IG conceded fixture
Old Cranleighans Hamstrings2-1Richmond Rogues
Hampstead and Westminster Supervets5-1Southgate Magnums
Reading Superveterans5-0Eastcote Past Masters
02 March 2019
Southgate Magnums3-1Bromley and Beckenham Ravens
Eastcote Past Masters1-0Old Cranleighans Hamstrings
Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters1-5Reading Superveterans
Tring Supervets3-4Richmond Rogues
16 February 2019
Bromley and Beckenham Ravens1-2Hampstead and Westminster Supervets
Reading Superveterans3-2Southgate Magnums
Tring Supervets2-6Eastcote Past Masters
Old Cranleighans Hamstrings2-7Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters
02 February 2019
Southgate Magnums0-0Old Cranleighans Hamstrings
snow/ice to be rearranged
Eastcote Past Masters0-0Richmond Rogues
snow/ice - to be rearranged/notplayed
Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters7-3Tring Supervets
Hampstead and Westminster Supervets1-1Reading Superveterans
snow/ice to be rearranged/resu lt agreed
19 January 2019
Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters4-3Richmond Rogues
Bromley and Beckenham Ravens2-0Reading Superveterans
Southgate Magnums6-0Tring Supervets
Hampstead and Westminster Supervets7-0Old Cranleighans Hamstrings
05 January 2019
Eastcote Past Masters0-2Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters
Old Cranleighans Hamstrings0-0Bromley and Beckenham Ravens
Tring Supervets2-6Hampstead and Westminster Supervets
08 December 2018
Hampstead and Westminster Supervets8-2Richmond Rogues
Southgate Magnums3-1Eastcote Past Masters
Bromley and Beckenham Ravens5-1Tring Supervets
Reading Superveterans9-0Old Cranleighans Hamstrings
01 December 2018
Southgate Magnums7-1Richmond Rogues
24 November 2018
Eastcote Past Masters2-3Hampstead and Westminster Supervets
Richmond Rogues1-3Bromley and Beckenham Ravens
Tring Supervets0-10Reading Superveterans
10 November 2018
Reading Superveterans5-0Richmond Rogues
Bromley and Beckenham Ravens4-1Eastcote Past Masters
Old Cranleighans Hamstrings1-0Tring Supervets
27 October 2018
Southgate Magnums1-3Hampstead and Westminster Supervets
Eastcote Past Masters2-8Reading Superveterans
amended result
Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters3-1Bromley and Beckenham Ravens
Richmond Rogues1-0Old Cranleighans Hamstrings
13 October 2018
Reading Superveterans1-1Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters
Old Cranleighans Hamstrings7-1Eastcote Past Masters
Bromley and Beckenham Ravens4-1Southgate Magnums
Richmond Rogues5-2Tring Supervets
29 September 2018
Eastcote Past Masters5-1Tring Supervets
Hampstead and Westminster Supervets3-1Bromley and Beckenham Ravens
Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters4-1Old Cranleighans Hamstrings
Southgate Magnums0-7Reading Superveterans
15 September 2018
Tring Supervets2-6Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters
Reading Superveterans7-0Hampstead and Westminster Supervets
Old Cranleighans Hamstrings2-0Southgate Magnums
Richmond Rogues2-5Eastcote Past Masters
Name Club Open Stroke PC Total
Dominic Richardson Hampstead and Westminster 13 0 1 14
Osman Rankin Hampstead and Westminster 5 0 0 5
Chris Somes-Charlton Hampstead and Westminster 3 0 0 3
Derek Wright Old Cranleighans 3 0 0 3
Dave Dixon Hampstead and Westminster 0 0 1 1
Andrew Eve Old Cranleighans 0 0 1 1