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Vets Division 1 2017/18

Higgins Group London Hockey League

Higgins Group London Hockey League

P W D L F A +/- Pts
1- East Grinstead Men's Vets18133265303542
2- Old Georgians Fire18122470531738
3 Wimbledon Masters 1sts1895446321431
4 Hampstead and Westminster Men's Vets1810085753430
5 Reading Rustlers189274743429
6- Tulse Hill and Dulwich Artillery1891862511124
7- Surbiton Jokers1871105357-422
8- Spencer Men's Vets1853104256-1418
9- Epsom HC Embers1841133657-2113
10- Southgate Flagons1830153177-469
11- Teddington Men's Vets00000000

No future fixtures.

21 April 2018
Reading Rustlers1-2Wimbledon Masters 1sts
rearranged from 25/11/17/traavle and weather 17/03
East Grinstead Men's Vets6-1Surbiton Jokers
rearranged from 17/3/18 snow
14 April 2018
Old Georgians Fire3-8Tulse Hill and Dulwich Artillery
Spencer Men's Vets5-4Surbiton Jokers
frozen pitch - to be rearranged from 03/03/18
07 April 2018
Hampstead and Westminster Men's Vets4-1Reading Rustlers
frozen pitch - to be rearrangedfrom 03/03/18
Surbiton Jokers6-2Southgate Flagons
fixture postponed - date tba from 10/03/18
Tulse Hill and Dulwich Artillery4-7East Grinstead Men's Vets
rearranged from 10/03
24 March 2018
Epsom HC Embers6-1Southgate Flagons
frozen pitch - new date provisional 24/03
Surbiton Jokers2-4East Grinstead Men's Vets
rearranged from 25/11/17
Tulse Hill and Dulwich Artillery1-4Hampstead and Westminster Men's Vets
rearranged from 27/10/17
17 March 2018
Spencer Men's Vets0-4Southgate Flagons
Hampstead and Westminster Men's Vets5-3Epsom HC Embers
10 March 2018
Southgate Flagons4-3Hampstead and Westminster Men's Vets
Surbiton Jokers1-4Wimbledon Masters 1sts
Reading Rustlers6-1Spencer Men's Vets
03 March 2018
Wimbledon Masters 1sts0-0Tulse Hill and Dulwich Artillery
frozen pitch - to be rearranged
24 February 2018
Old Georgians Fire6-2East Grinstead Men's Vets
Tulse Hill and Dulwich Artillery6-1Spencer Men's Vets
Reading Rustlers3-1Epsom HC Embers
Wimbledon Masters 1sts2-1Southgate Flagons
fixture postponed - date tba/rearranged from 16/09
Surbiton Jokers2-4Hampstead and Westminster Men's Vets
17 February 2018
Hampstead and Westminster Men's Vets3-4Tulse Hill and Dulwich Artillery
Wimbledon Masters 1sts1-4Old Georgians Fire
Epsom HC Embers2-3Surbiton Jokers
Southgate Flagons4-1Reading Rustlers
10 February 2018
Old Georgians Fire9-4Spencer Men's Vets
Tulse Hill and Dulwich Artillery3-1Epsom HC Embers
East Grinstead Men's Vets2-2Wimbledon Masters 1sts
03 February 2018
Spencer Men's Vets1-2East Grinstead Men's Vets
Southgate Flagons3-8Tulse Hill and Dulwich Artillery
Hampstead and Westminster Men's Vets5-2Old Georgians Fire
Reading Rustlers1-1Surbiton Jokers
27 January 2018
Wimbledon Masters 1sts1-1Spencer Men's Vets
Tulse Hill and Dulwich Artillery6-3Reading Rustlers
Southgate Flagons3-4Surbiton Jokers
East Grinstead Men's Vets4-1Hampstead and Westminster Men's Vets
Old Georgians Fire3-3Epsom HC Embers
20 January 2018
Epsom HC Embers3-1East Grinstead Men's Vets
Southgate Flagons2-3Old Georgians Fire
Hampstead and Westminster Men's Vets3-0Wimbledon Masters 1sts
Surbiton Jokers1-7Tulse Hill and Dulwich Artillery
13 January 2018
Wimbledon Masters 1sts2-0Epsom HC Embers
Old Georgians Fire5-0Reading Rustlers
East Grinstead Men's Vets4-0Southgate Flagons
Spencer Men's Vets7-2Hampstead and Westminster Men's Vets
16 December 2017
Reading Rustlers2-4Old Georgians Fire
rearranged from 23/09/17
09 December 2017
East Grinstead Men's Vets2-0Tulse Hill and Dulwich Artillery
rearranged from 18/11/17
03 December 2017
Tulse Hill and Dulwich Artillery2-5Wimbledon Masters 1sts
02 December 2017
Epsom HC Embers0-3Spencer Men's Vets
Surbiton Jokers0-2Old Georgians Fire
Reading Rustlers3-3East Grinstead Men's Vets
Southgate Flagons2-6Wimbledon Masters 1sts
25 November 2017
Tulse Hill and Dulwich Artillery2-4Old Georgians Fire
Wimbledon Masters 1sts3-4Reading Rustlers
rearranged from 17/3/18
Epsom HC Embers4-6Hampstead and Westminster Men's Vets
Southgate Flagons1-2Spencer Men's Vets
18 November 2017
Wimbledon Masters 1sts4-2Surbiton Jokers
Spencer Men's Vets2-3Reading Rustlers
Hampstead and Westminster Men's Vets4-0Southgate Flagons
11 November 2017
Surbiton Jokers3-1Spencer Men's Vets
Southgate Flagons1-3Epsom HC Embers
Reading Rustlers4-2Hampstead and Westminster Men's Vets
04 November 2017
Epsom HC Embers1-2Reading Rustlers
Hampstead and Westminster Men's Vets4-1Surbiton Jokers
East Grinstead Men's Vets3-1Old Georgians Fire
Spencer Men's Vets4-0Tulse Hill and Dulwich Artillery
28 October 2017
Old Georgians Fire2-1Wimbledon Masters 1sts
Reading Rustlers5-1Southgate Flagons
Surbiton Jokers6-0Epsom HC Embers
21 October 2017
Spencer Men's Vets4-4Old Georgians Fire
Epsom HC Embers1-3Tulse Hill and Dulwich Artillery
Wimbledon Masters 1sts2-2East Grinstead Men's Vets
14 October 2017
Old Georgians Fire5-1Hampstead and Westminster Men's Vets
Surbiton Jokers1-2Reading Rustlers
Tulse Hill and Dulwich Artillery6-1Southgate Flagons
East Grinstead Men's Vets3-0Spencer Men's Vets
07 October 2017
Epsom HC Embers2-3Old Georgians Fire
Spencer Men's Vets2-2Wimbledon Masters 1sts
Reading Rustlers5-0Tulse Hill and Dulwich Artillery
th cancelled friday pm
Hampstead and Westminster Men's Vets1-2East Grinstead Men's Vets
30 September 2017
Old Georgians Fire6-1Southgate Flagons
East Grinstead Men's Vets8-2Epsom HC Embers
Wimbledon Masters 1sts6-1Hampstead and Westminster Men's Vets
Tulse Hill and Dulwich Artillery2-3Surbiton Jokers
23 September 2017
Southgate Flagons0-8East Grinstead Men's Vets
Epsom HC Embers2-3Wimbledon Masters 1sts
Hampstead and Westminster Men's Vets4-3Spencer Men's Vets
16 September 2017
Old Georgians Fire4-12Surbiton Jokers
East Grinstead Men's Vets2-1Reading Rustlers
Spencer Men's Vets1-2Epsom HC Embers
Name Club Open Stroke PC Total
Danny Hall Old Georgians 21 0 1 22
Mike Holland East Grinstead 3 1 18 22
John Ryan Van Der Riet Old Georgians 4 2 11 17
Sean Hebden Epsom HC 13 0 0 13
Jez Lawson Old Georgians 13 0 0 13
Boudewijn Dierick Hampstead and Westminster 6 0 6 12
Ian Hammond Hampstead and Westminster 7 0 3 10
Richard Payne East Grinstead 2 0 8 10
Mathew Heal Epsom HC 6 0 3 9
Jamie Edington Hampstead and Westminster 6 0 3 9