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  • 05.05.20

    Season’s end – percentages applied

    As emailed just now to all club and team contacts… We have finalised tables for the season. For Division 2, where all teams had played the same number of matches, the table stands. For all the other tables, we have calculated percentages, based on points per game played, and reflected the percentages as ‘additional points’. How […]

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  • 16.03.20

    Season suspended; England Hockey’s AGM re governance postponed

    England Hockey, in the light of the latest advice from the UK government, have advised that all hockey be suspended until further notice. Consequently, all London League matches and events, including our Celebration planned for 8 May, are cancelled. In addition, England Hockey’s AGM – due tomorrow – is postponed. This is the meeting that […]

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  • 13.03.20

    Health first; hockey second

    It is for individuals, clubs and teams to decide whether to play hockey during the current coronavirus outbreak, based on government health advice. The league has no advice, and is not planning to curtail the season at this point. Play matches if you wish, and we’ll sort things out later – given rapidly-changing events. Our […]

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  • 14.02.20

    EH’s big governance vote next month – what does it mean for LL clubs?

    The proposed changes would radically reduce the number of hockey organisations and leagues in England, simplify them and place control of them in the hands of clubs. Clubs should make sure they understand the implications of the changes outlined, and make sure they vote at the 17 March meeting – clubs have the vast majority […]

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  • 09.12.19

    Sportsmanship – got any good stories from this season?

    The league doesn’t get involved involved in player conduct as such, but we were mailed a nice story out of the blue and thought we’d share it with you in this season of goodwill. The hero of our story is Tim Musgrave, captain of Tulse Hill & Dulwich Mustekeers. Old Loughts Supervets turn up to […]

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  • 09.11.19

    It’s “Masters”, not “Vets” from, now on, and we’re reviewing some things

    Clubs agreed at their recent meeting to adopt “masters” and drop “vets” etc. All current divisions have been renamed, to make things clearer, and include the age groups – see Clubs agreed to appoint a Masters Co-ordinator to advise the league on masters issues, and Andy Spooner stepped forward. He plays for Barnes […]

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  • 23.09.19

    Good luck this season – make sure you understand the rule changes

    With the new season getting under way, please make sure you understand the minor rule changes: – Here’s England Hockey’s summary (scoot down to “Key changes”) – Captains should also read the league’s ‘essentials’ page, about this league’s rules: We hope everyone enjoys the new season – good luck!

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  • 06.07.19

    Fixtures published; same number of divisions despite changes

    We have enough new teams joining the league to maintain the same number of divisions as last season, despite most of last season’s Prem teams moving to the South League. Well done to those enterprising clubs that have taken the leap to create new teams. Most non-vets teams will find themselves in different divisions from […]

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