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Good luck to everyone for the new season – and stay healthy!

Good luck to everyone for the new season, which starts tomorrow. We have a strange season ahead of us, dominated by Covid, plus the transition to new leagues at the end, for the new Greater London Area.

We have adopted additional rules in the event of Covid disruption: These will kick in if/when clubs have issues, and we are already aware of a few clubs having problems accessing pitches.

We are asking clubs to be as helpful as possible to others, and to try to contain rearrangements within the normal season as it stands, playing evenings/Sundays perhaps. We want to hold off any formal extension of the season as long as possible. Current dates are here:

For advice on Covid 19 issues, please refer to your club’s Covid officer and/or EH advice. We have no role in advising anyone on this.

Captains: – we have updated this to include new advice on ‘ringers’. Captains need to read the full article carefully, to minimise issues during the season.

EH’s resumed AGM on 15 September finalised the voting on new league and governance structures, with 86% voting in favour. This confirms that this coming season will be the London League’s last, but a brighter future lies ahead.

By David Lloyd-Williams on September 25th, 2020