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League to continue despite car sharing restrictions in Tier 2

England Hockey have issued updated guidance, which has serious implications for travel in Tier 2 (currently covering nearly all of London). Specifically: “Car sharing is not permitted, meaning that teams must travel individually or in households/bubbles to matches.”

Please note the following important points:

We are not going to suspend the London League because of this (some other leagues have chosen to), because the density of clubs in London means that public transport may be a realistic option to get to games. Many players do this in normal times.

Everyone needs to understand and comply with the detailed guidance from EH, which is here and covers other scenarios including junior hockey (where car sharing is allowed), and remember that Kent and Slough are in Tier 3 at the time of writing. Please do not ask us to interpret this guidance!

Make your own judgements within your clubs/teams, and with your oppo, as to whether games can be played. Hopefully plenty can.

This is going to make a serious mess of things, to put it mildly. If any fixtures are not played because of Covid, please make sure you email Maureen Henderson on

I’m sure everyone will be hugely frustrated by this, in that the government’s announcement that ‘team sports could resume at all levels’ is undermined by DCMS’ guidance received by EH Tuesday evening.

We will review at the situation as it progresses; our contingency plans are here:

Good luck everyone!

By David Lloyd-Williams on December 3rd, 2020