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Over 50s league v cup commitments – policy

The league expects clubs to consider very carefully whether it is wise to enter cup competitions if doing so might impact on their league commitments. 

Policy: where a club with an over 50s team (Club A) requests the rearrangement of a league fixture – because they have another fixture (of similar or higher standard) on the same day or next day – the opposing club (Club B) shall assist with its rearrangement if at all possible. If the fixture cannot be rearranged for good reason e.g. Club B’s fixture list is completely full till the official end of the season, the league will award the game in favour of Club B, on the grounds that Club A will have overcommitted itself.


Many LL clubs have successful over-50s teams that compete in both this league and the national cup competitions, and the league wants to support them in doing so. Where a club finds itself with, typically, a Saturday league fixture and a Sunday cup fixture, it’s asking a lot of players of that age to play both days. NB this policy does not apply to the O40s.

We expect member clubs to accommodate fixture changes in these circumstances where possible. This may be inconvenient, but we expect clubs to help each other out – and it may be your club in the future that has the same issue if not now.