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Roll of Honour: Cup finals

Before 1992/93, most divisions were ‘percentage’ divisions, because grass + the weather caused so many postponements. The teams that finished top on the % basis of games played then competed in divisional finals to find the champions, and you’ll find them here. Eventually, once all clubs were playing on artificial surfaces, there was no need to hold separate finals to establish divisional winners. From 2008, the league started a similar end of season competition, with the top four teams playing off to become ‘divisional cup’ champions.

2018/19PremierSouthgate 2sSurbiton 2s7-5
2018/19Division 1Southgate 3sHampstead and Westminster 3sWalkover
2018/19Division 2Old TonbridgiansBromley and Beckenham 3s5-2
2018/19Division 3Kings AlleynsHAC Gunners3-2
2018/19Division 4Southgate 4sSurbiton 4a2-2; Southgate won on pens
2018/19Division 5PHC Chiswick 3sLondon Edwardians 4s2-0
2018/19Division 6Tulse Hill and Dulwich DiamondsPHC Chiswick 4s2-0
2018/19Vets Division 1Reading RustlersHampstead and Westminster5-0
2018/19Vets Division 2CrawleyOld Cranleighans Barnstormers2-2; Crawley won on pens
2017/18All--Not held - bad weather extended the season
2016/17PremierHampstead and Westminster 2sCanterbury 2s5-2; pens
2016/17Division 1Hampstead and Westminster 3sSouthgate 3s4-3
2016/17Division 2Oxford University 2Old Loughtonians 2s2-1
2016/17Division 3Reading RefillsHampstead and Westminster 5s3-0
2016/17Division 4Wimbledon 4sLondon Wayfarers 5s6-0
2016/17Division 5Clapham CommonHampstead and Westminster Hammers4-1
2016/17Division 6London Royals 1sSlough 2s3-1
2016/17Veterans Division 1Hampstead and WestminsterEast Grinstead2-1
2016/17Veterans Division 2Epsom EmbersReading Redsox3-0
2015/16PremierHampstead and Westminster 2sCanterbury 2s6-0
2015/16Division 1Richmond 2sSt. Albans 2s4-2
2015/16Division 2Southgate 3sSpencer 4s3-2
2015/16Division 3Old Georgians 2sHampstead and Westminster 6s15-14; pens
2015/16Division 4St. Albans 3sTeddington 4s2-0
2015/16Division 5Imperial Medicals HRTLondon Academicals 2s3-1
2015/16Division 6London Edwardians 4sIndian Gymkhana 4s6-5
2015/16Division 7Clapham Common 1sSlough 2s8-7 pens
2015/16Veterans Division 1Reading RustlersEast Grinstead7-5
2015/16Veterans Division 2Reading RedsoxEpsom Embers3-1
2015/16Higgins Trophy (Divs 6/7)Indian Gymkhana 4sClapham Common 1s8-3
2014/15PremierSouthgate 2sHampstead and Westminster 2s1-0
2014/15Division 1Spencer 3sSpencer 2s10-9; pens
2014/15Division 2Guildford 2sOld Loughtonians 3s2-0
2014/15Division 3London Wayfarers 3sKings and Alleyns 2s4-2
2014/15Division 4Reading RefillsPHC Chiswick 2s6-2
2014/15Division 5Teddington 4sPHC Chiswick 3s2-1
2014/15Division 6Southgate 4sIndian Gymkhana 4s4-2
2014/15Division 7Southgate GobletsLondon Edwardians 4s3-1
2014/15Veterans Division 1Surbiton JokersReading Rustlers14-13; pens
2014/15Veterans Division 2Eastcote Old BoarsBerks All-stars5-3
2014/15Higgins Trophy (Divs 6/7)London Edwardians 4sRichmond Deerstalkers5-1
2014/15Superveterans (London & Wessex)RichmondIndian Gymkhana2-1
2014/15Superveterans TrophyIndian Gymkhana TigersChelmsford9-2
2014/15Grand Masters (London & Wessex)Spencer CenturionsEastcote Past Masters5-4
2013/14PremierSurbiton 2sHampstead and Westminster 2s6-4
2013/14Division 1Old Loughtonians 2sSpencer 3s3-1
2013/14Division 2Hampstead and Westminster Zak HondReading 2A4-3
2013/14Division 3Spencer 5sSpencer 6s6-3
2013/14Division 4Hampstead and Westminster 6sRichmond Lions4-1
2013/14Division 5Surbiton 5sLondon Wayfarers Centurions5-2
2013/14Division 6Kings and Alleyns 4sHampstead and Westminster Hammers3-2
2013/14Division 7Wimbledon 6sHampstead and Westminster Spaniards2-0
2013/14Veterans Division 1Reading RustlersSt. Albans Emperors4-2
2013/14Veterans Division 2East GrinsteadReading Redsox6-1
2013/14Higgins Trophy (Divs 6/7)Hampstead and Westminster SpaniardsIndian Gymkhana 4s1-0
2013/14Superveterans (London & Wessex)Oxford HawksSevenoaks Old Oaks2-0
2013/14Superveterans TrophyIndian GymkhanaSpencer Centurions5-2
2013/14Grand Masters (London & Wessex)London CavaliersIndian Gymkhana3-2
2012/13PremierHampstead and Westminster 2sSurbiton 2s7-2
2012/13Division 1Teddington 2sRichmond 2s2-1
2012/13Division 2Oxted 2sSouthgate 3sw/o
2012/13Division 3PHC Chiswick 2sTulse Hill and Dulwich 3s6-4
2012/13Division 4Spencer 6sLondon Wayfarers Vikings2-2; 4-2 on pens
2012/13Division 5Old Loughtonians 4sSurbiton 5s4-2
2012/13Division 6 WestRichmond DeerstalkersLondon Wayfarers Centurions1-1; 4-1 on pens
2012/13Division 6 EastSpencer TitansIndian Gymkhana 4s3-2
2012/13Veterans Division 1Reading RustlersSurbiton Jokers4-2
2012/13Veterans Division 2MaidenheadReading Redsox1-0
2012/13Superveterans (London & Wessex)Indian GymkhanaSevenoaks Old Oaks2-1
2012/13Superveterans TrophyIndian GymkhanaIndian Gymkhana Tigers4-1
2012/13Grand Masters (London & Wessex)Indian GymkhanaSpencer Cavaliers3-0
2011/12PremierSurbiton 2sSouthgate 2s3-1
2011/12Division 1Tulse Hill and Dulwich 2sSt. Albans 2s2-0
2011/12Division 2Old Loughtonians ForestersBromley and Beckenham 3s2-1
2011/12Division 3Spencer 4sHampstead and Westminster 5s4-0
2011/12Division 4Surbiton 4sSpencer 6s5-2
2011/12Division 5PHC Chiswick 3sSpencer Spitfires4-1
2011/12Division 6 WestSurbiton 5sIndian Gymkhana 4s5-2
2011/12Division 6 EastKings and Alleyns 4sHampstead and Westminster Thirsts4-3
2011/12Veterans Division 1BarnesReading Rustlers4-2
2011/12Veterans Division 2Reading RedsoxMaidenhead2-1
2011/12Superveterans (London & Wessex)RichmondSpencer2-0
2011/12Grand Masters (London & Wessex)Spencer London CavaliersIndian Gymkhana6-5
2010/11PremierHampstead and Westminster 2sSouthgate 2s2-1
2010/11Division 1Tulse Hill and Dulwich 2sSt. Albans 2s2-0
2010/11Division 2Southgate 3sHampstead and Westminster Zak Hond3-2
2010/11Division 3Old Loughtonians ForestersWimbledon 4s3-1
2010/11Division 4Spencer 6sTeddington Saplings4-2
2010/11Division 5Tulse Hill and Dulwich TornadoesLondon Watfarers Vikings2-0
2010/11Division 6PHC Chiswick 4sLondon Wayfarers Pirates3-2
2010/11Division 7Indian Gymkhana 4sHampstead and Westminster Thirsts5-4
2010/11Premier Division (London and Wessex)Oxford HawksChichester PP Friars4-3
2010/11Division 1 (London and Wessex)Reading RustlersBasingstoke8-2
2010/11Division 2 (London and Wessex)Chichester PP DeaconsTring4-0
2010/11Superveterans (London & Wessex)Richmond RoguesSevenoaks5-1
2010/11Grand Masters (London & Wessex)Indian GymkahanaTring6-0
2009/10PremierHampstead and Westminster 2sSurbiton 2sw/o
2009/10Division 1Wimbledon 2sSurbiton 3s7-2
2009/10Division 2Teddington 2sSt. Albans 2s6-4
2009/10Division 3Old Loughtonians ForestersSouthgate 4s3-0
2009/10Division 4Bromley and Beckenham 4sWimbledon 4s6-4
2009/10Division 5Spencer 6sRichmond Lions4-0
2009/10Division 6Spencer TitansLondon Wayfarers Vikings1-1; pens
2009/10Division 7Indian Gymkhana 4sPHC Chiswick 5s4-3
2009/10Premier Division (London and Wessex)TeddingtonBarnes1-0
2009/10Division 1 (London and Wessex)Reading RustlersGuildford12-1
2009/10Division 2 (London and Wessex)OxtedWest Wilts8-2
2009/10Superveterans (London & Wessex)RichmondSpencer2-1
2009/10Grand Masters (London & Wessex)Indian GymkhanaTring4-0
2008/09PremierHampstead and Westminster 2sSouthgate 2s4-2
2008/09Division 1Spencer 3sHampstead and Westminster 3s3-3; pens
2008/09Division 2Richmond GriffinsWimbledon 3s4-3
2008/09Division 3Surbiton 4sLondon Wayfarers Heavies3-2
2008/09Division 4Teddington SaplingsOld Loughtonians Foresters3-3; pens
2008/09Division 5Teddington 4sPHC Chiswick 3s3-2
2008/09Division 6Hampstead and Westminster SpaniardsRichmond Lions3-0
2008/09Division 7PHC Chiswick 4sSpencer Titans4-2
2008/09VeteransReading RustlersBromley and Beckenham6-5
2008/09Superveterans (London & Wessex)SpencerTring2-0
2008Higgins Trophy (Badgers Tournament)Old Loughtonians Academy-
2007/08Superveterans (London & Wessex)Richmond RoguesTring7-0
2007Higgins Trophy (Badgers Tournament)--not held
2006/07Superveterans (London & Wessex)RichmondSpencer2-1
2006Higgins Trophy (Badgers Tournament)Reading-
2005Higgins Trophy (Badgers Tournament)St. Albans-
2004Higgins Trophy (Badgers Tournament)Teddington-
2003Higgins Trophy (Badgers Tournament)Purley Walcountians-
2002Higgins Trophy (Badgers Tournament)St. Albans-
2001Higgins Trophy (Badgers Tournament)St. Albans-
2000Higgins Trophy (Badgers Tournament)Old Loughtonians-
1999Higgins Trophy (Badgers Tournament)St. Albans-
1998Higgins Trophy (Badgers Tournament)Wimbledon-