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Roll of Honour: Divisional Champions

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2019/20PremierBromley and Beckenham 2sEast Grinstead 2s
2019/20Division 1Oxted 3sHAC Gunners
2019/20Division 2Surbiton 3AsKings Alleyns 2s
2019/20Division 3Surbiton 4sIndian Gymkhana 3s
2019/20Division 4Spencer SpitfiresSlough 2s
2019/20Division 5Clapham Common 2sBarnes 4s
2019/20Division 6Knole Park 1sLondon Edwardians 5s
2019/20Masters O40s Division 1Epsom EmbersHampstead and Westminster
2019/20Masters O40s Division 2SpencerGuildford
2019/20Masters O50s Division 1Tulse Hill and Dulwich MusketeersIndian Gymkhana Tigers
2019/20Masters O50s Division 2ReadingEpsom Old School
2019/20Masters O60s Division 1Bromley and Beckenham RavensIndian Gymkhana
2019/20Masters O60s Division 2Hampstead and WestminsterSt. Albans Centurions
2018/19PremierHampstead and Westminster 2sWimbledon 2s
2018/19Division 1East Grinstead 2sSouthgate 3s
2018/19Division 2Bromley and Beckenham 3sLondon Wayfarers Vikings
2018/19Division 3HAC GunnersOld Loughtonians 3s
2018/19Division 4Southgate 4sSurbiton 4s
2018/19Division 5PHC Chiswick 3sHampstead and Westminster Thirsts
2018/19Division 6Slough 2sPHC Chiswick 4s
2018/19Vets Division 1East GrinsteadHampstead and Westminster
2018/19Vets Division 2Reading RedsoxRichmond
2018/19Supervets Division 1Tulse Hill and Dulwich MustekeetersIndian Gymkhana Tigers
2018/19Supervets Division 2ReadingHampstead and Westminster
2018/19Supervets TrophyIndian Gymkhana TigersTulse Hill and Dulwich Mustekeeters
2018/19Grand Masters Division AIndian GymkhanaReading
2018/19Grand Masters Division BSt. Albans CenturionsSurbiton Vintage
2017/18PremierHampstead and Westminster 2sReading 2s
2017/18Division 1Oxford University 2sOld Georgians 2s
2017/18Division 2Old Loughtonians 2sRichmond 3s
2017/18Division 3Richmond LionsWimbledon 4s
2017/18Division 4London Wayfarers 5sLondon Academicals 2s
2017/18Division 5London Royals 1sHampstead and Westminster Hammers
2017/18Division 6Hampstead and Westminster SpaniardsHampstead and Westminster Thirsts
2017/18Vets Division 1East GrinsteadOld Georgians Fire
2017/18Vets Division 2Reading RedsoxOld Cranleighans Barnstormers
2017/18Supervets Division 1Indian Gymkhana TigersSpencer
2017/18Supervets Division 2Tulse Hill and Dulwich MusketeersReading
2017/18Supervets TrophySurbiton MagnetsIndian Gymkhana Tigers
2017/18Grand Masters Division AIndian GymkhanaSevenoaks
2017/18Grand Masters Division BIndian GymkhanaSurbiton Vintage
2016/17PremierHampstead and Westminster 2sCanterbury 2s
2016/17Division 1Hampstead and Westminster 3sSouthgate 3s
2016/17Division 2Old Georgians CrusadersOxford University 2s
2016/17Division 3Reading RefillsHampstead and Westminster 5s
2016/17Division 4Teddington 4sWimbledon 4s
2016/17Division 5Clapham Common 1sLondon Academicals 2s
2016/17Division 6London Royals 1sKings Alleyns 3s
2016/17Vets Division 1Wimbledon Masters 1sHampstead and Westminster
2016/17Vets Division 2Epsom EmbersReading Redsox
2016/17Supervets Division 1SpencerBromley and Beckenham Ravens
2016/17Supervets Division 2ReadingSevenoaks Old Oaks
2016/17Supervets TrophySt. Albans PraetoriansSurbiton Magnets
2016/17Grand Masters Division AIndian GymkhanaBromley and Beckenham Ravens
2016/17Grand Masters Division BIndian GymkhanaChelmsford Evergreens
2015/16PremierCanterburyHampstead and Westminster 2s
2015/16Division 1Richmond 2sHampstead and Westminster 3s
2015/16Division 2Southgate 3sSpencer 5s
2015/16Division 3Old Georgians 2sHampstead and Westminster 6s
2015/16Division 4St. Albans 3sTulse Hill and Dulwich 4s
2015/16Division 5Imperial Medicals Men's HRTKings Alleyns 4s
2015/16Division 6London Edwardians 4sLondon Wayfarers Outlaws
2015/16Division 7Clapham Common 1sSlough 2s
2015/16Vets Division 1Reading RustlersOld Georgians Fire
2015/16Vets Division 2Wimbledon Masters 1sEpsom Embers
2015/16Supervets Division 1Indian Gymkhana TigersSpencer
2015/16Supervets Division 2ReadingSevenoaks Old Oaks
2015/16Supervets TrophySurbiton MagnetsOld Loughtonians
2015/16Grand Masters DivisionReadingSpencer
2014/15PremierHampstead and Westminster 2sSouthgate 2s
2014/15Division 1Spencer 2sSpencer 3s
2014/15Division 2Guildford 2sOxford University 2s
2014/15Division 3Spencer 5sLondon Wayfarers 3s
2014/15Division 4PHC Chiswick 2sReading Refills
2014/15Division 5Richmond 4sTeddington 4s
2014/15Division 6Southgate 5sRichmond Deerstalkers
2014/15Division 7London Edwardians 4sLondon Wayfarers Outlaws
2014/15Vets Division 1Reading RustlersOld Georgians Fire
2014/15Vets Division 2Eastcote Old BoarsTulse Hill and Dulwich Artillery
2014/15Supervets Division 1Indian GymkhanaSurbiton Magnets
2014/15Supervets Division 2ReadingEastcote Past Masters
2014/15Supervets TrophyIndian Gymkhana TigersChelmsford
2014/15Grand Masters DivisionSpencerEastcote Past Masters
2013/14PremierHampstead and Westminster 2sSurbiton 2s
2013/14Division 1Oxted 2sSpencer 3s
2013/14Division 2Hampstead and Westminster Zak HondReading 2a
2013/14Division 3Spencer 5sTeddington Saplings
2013/14Division 4Hampstead and Westminster 6sRichmond Lions
2013/14Division 5Spencer TitansSurbiton 5s
2013/14Division 6Hampstead and Westminster HammersKings Alleyns 4s
2013/14Division 7Hampstead and Westminster SpaniardsPHC Chiskwick 5s
2013/14Vets Division 1Reading RustlersSurbiton Jokers
2013/14Vets Division 2Reading RedsoxEast Grinstead
2013/14Supervets Division 1Indian GymkhanaSpencer
2013/14Supervets Division 2St. Albans PraetoriansOld Cranleighans Hamstrings
2013/14Supervets TrophyIndian GymkhanaSpencer
2012/13PremierHampstead and Westminster 2sSouthgate 2s
2012/13Division 1Teddington 2sRichmond 2s
2012/13Division 2Oxted 2sSouthgate 3s
2012/13Division 3Southgate 4sTulse Hill and Dulwich 3s
2012/13Division 4London Wayfarers VikingsSpencer 6s
2012/13Division 5London Wayfarers PiratesOld Loughtonians
2012/13Division 6 WestSpencer TitansSouthgate 5s
2012/13Division 6 EastLondon Wayfarers CenturionsRichmond Deerstalkers
2012/13Vets Division 1Surbiton JokersReading Rustlers
2012/13Vets Division 2MaidenheadReading Redsox
2012/13Supervets Division 1Indian GymkhanaSouthgate Magnums
2012/13Supervets Division 2Indian Gymkhana TigersChelmsford
2012/13Supervets Trophy AIndian GymkhanaBromley and Beckenham Ravens
2012/13Supervets Trophy BIndian Gymkhana TigersEastcote Past Masters
2011/12PremierSurbiton 2sSouthgate 2s
2011/12Division 1East Grinstead 2sIndian Gymkhana 2s
2011/12Division 2Wimbledon 4sBromley and Beckenham 3s
2011/12Division 3Spencer 4sOxford University 3s
2011/12Division 4Surbiton 4sSpencer 6s
2011/12Division 5Spencer SpitfiresPHC Chiskwick 3s
2011/12Division 6 WestSurbiton 5sIndian Gymkhana 4s
2011/12Division 6 EastKings AlleynsHampstead and Westminster Thirsts
2011/12Vets Division 1Reading RustlersBarnes
2011/12Vets Division 2Reading RedsoxSunbury and Walton Hawks
2011/12SupervetsIndian GymkhanaSpencer
2010/11PremierSouthgate 2sHampstead and Westminster 2s
2010/11Division 1St. Albans 2sTulse Hill and Dulwich 2s
2010/11Division 2Southgate 3sHampstead and Westminster Zak Hond
2010/11Division 3Old Loughtonians 3s (Foresters)Wimbledon 4s
2010/11Division 4Oxford University 3sTeddington Saplings
2010/11Division 5London Wayfarers VikingsTulse Hill and Dulwich 4s
2010/11Division 6London Wayfarers PiratesSpencer Spitfires
2010/11Division 7Indian Gymkhana 4sRichmond Redoubtables
2010/11Vets London Division 1Reading RustlersRichmond
2010/11Vets Division 2Wimbledon Vets IITring
2010/11SupervetsIndian GymkhanaSpencer
2009/10PremierHampstead and Westminster 2sSurbiton 2s
2009/10Division 1Old Loughtonians 2sSurbiton 3s
2009/10Division 2Teddington 2sSt. Albans 2s
2009/10Division 3Southgate 4sHampstead and Westminster 5s
2009/10Division 4Bromley and Beckenham 4sWimbledon 4s
2009/10Division 5Spencer 6sRichmond Lions
2009/10Division 6London Wayfarers VikingsHAC Sutlers
2009/10Division 7Spencer SpitfiresPHC Chiswick 5s
2009/10Vets London Division 1Reading RustlersSurbiton Jokers
2009/10Vets Division 2Oxted MoonshinersSt. Albans Emporors
2009/10SupervetsSpencerIndian Gymkhana
2008/09PremierSurbiton 2sEast Grinstead 2s
2008/09Division 1Hampstead and Westminster 3sSouthgate 3s
2008/09Division 2Tulse Hill and Dulwich 2sWimbledon 3s
2008/09Division 3London Wayfarers HeaviesSurbiton 4s
2008/09Division 4Old Loughtonians ForestersSpencer 5s
2008/09Division 5PHC Chiskwick 3sRichmond Deerstalkers
2008/09Division 6Richmond LionsBlackheath and Elthamians Heathens
2008/09Division 7London Wayfarers VikingsHAC Sutlers
2008/09Veterans WestReading RustlersRichmond
2008/09Veterans EastBromley and BeckenhamSouthgate Flagons
2008/09SupervetsSpencerEastcote Past Masters
2007/08PremierHampstead and Westminster 2sEast Grinstead 2s
2007/08Division 1Spencer 3sRichmond 2s
2007/08Division 2Oxford University 2sSouthgate 3s
2007/08Division 3Richmond 2aRichmond Griffins
2007/08Division 4London Wayfarers HeaviesSouthgate 4s
2007/08Division 5Hampstead and Westminster HammersHampstead and Westminster 6s
2007/08Division 6Old Loughtonians GunnersSpencer 6s
2007/08Division 7Blackheath and Elthamians HeathensOld Loughonians Academy
2007/08Division 8Spencer TitansHAC Sutlers
2007/08Veterans AReading RustlersHampstead and Westminster
2007/08Veterans BSt. Albans PraetoriansTring
2007/08Supervets ASt. Albans CenturionsStaines
2006/07PremierReading 2sHampstead and Westminster 2s
2006/07Division 1Reading 2AsSurbiton 3s
2006/07Division 2Spencer 3sEast Grinstead 3s
2006/07Division 3Southgate 3AsSpencer 4s
2006/07Division 4Richmond GriffinsWimbledon 4s
2006/07Division 5Richmond DeerstalkersLondon Wayfarers Heavies
2006/07Division 6Hampstead and Westminster 6sSpencer 5s
2006/07Division 7Old Loughtonians GunnersOld Loughtonians Academy
2006/07Division 8Reading RoversBlackheath and Elthamians Heathens
2006/07Veterans AReading RustlersHolcombe Hasbeenz
2006/07Veterans BSouthgate FlagonsTring
2006/07Supervets ARichmond RoguesOld Loughtonians
2006/07Supervets BSpencerOld Loughtonians
2005/06PremierHampstead and Westminster 2sSurbiton 2s
2005/06Division 1Bromley and Beckenham 2sSouthgate 2s
2005/06Division 3ASurbiton 3sReading 2A
2005/06Division 3BOld Loughtonians 3sBromley and Beckenham 3s
2005/06Division 4AReading 3sSpencer 4s
2005/06Division 4BHampstead and Westminster 5sTeddington Saplings
2005/06Division 5ARichmond DeerstalkersReading Renegades
2005/06Division 5BHampstead and Westminster SpaniardsTulse Hill and Dulwich Diamonds
2005/06Division 5COld Loughtonians AcademyWimbledon Badgers
2005/06Veterans AHampstead and WestminsterSpencer
2005/06Veterans BGerrards CrossIndian Gymkhana
2005/06Supervets ASt. Albans CenturionsBromley and Beckenham Ravens
2005/06Supervets BSt. Albans CenturionsRichmond Rogues
2004/05PremierHampstead and Westminster 2sSurbiton 2s
2004/05Division 1Spencer 2sWimbledon 2s
2004/05Division 3AHampstead and Westminster 3sWimbledon 3s
2004/05Division 3BSt. Albans SenatorsGuildford 3s
2004/05Division 4AHampstead and Westminster 4sSpencer 4s
2004/05Division 4BWimbledon 6sPHC Chiswick 3s
2004/05Division 5AHampstead and Westminster 5sOld Loughtonians Foresters
2004/05Division 5BSt. Albans TribunesIndian Gymkhana 5s
2004/05Division 5CHampstead and Westminster SpaniardsBromley and Beckenham Weasels
2004/05Veterans AReading RustlersSpencer
2004/05Veterans BSurbiton JokersSouthgate Flagons
2004/05Supervets ABromley and Beckenham RavensTeddington Tigers
2004/05Supervets BRichmond RoguesSurbiton Magnets
2003/04PremierSurbiton 2sReading 2s
2003/04Division 1Indian Gymkhana 2sBeckenham 2s
2003/04Division 3AHampstead and Westminster 3sRichmond 2A
2003/04Division 3BHampstead and Westminster Zak HondSt. Albans 3s
2003/04Division 4ASt. Albans SenatorsHampstead and Westminster 4s
2003/04Division 4BHampstead and Westminster HammersWimbledon Superfives
2003/04Division 5ALondon Wayfarers HeaviesWimbledon 6s
2003/04Division 5BOld Loughtonians GunnersSpencer 6s
2003/04Division 5CSt. Albans TribunesIndian Gymkhana 5s
2003/04Veterans AReading RustlersBeckenham Foxes
2003/04Veterans BTringHampstead and Westminster
2003/04Supervets AHampstead and WestminsterRichmond Rogues
2003/04Supervets BRichmond RoguesSt. Albans Centurions
2002/03PremierSurbiton 2sReading 2s
2002/03Division 1Guildford 2sPurley Walcountians
2002/03Division 3ASurbiton 3sRichmond 2A
2002/03Division 3BHounslow and Ealing 3sReading Refills
2002/03Division 4ASt. Albans SenatorsSouthgate 4s
2002/03Division 4BOld Loughtonians 4sIndian Gymkhana 4s
2002/03Division 5AWimbledon 5sHampstead and Westminster Hammers
2002/03Division 5BLondon Wayfarers HeaviesSpencer 5s
2002/03Division 5COld Loughtonians GunnersRichmond Deerstalkers
2002/03Division 5DBlackheath and Elthamians HeathensHampstead and Westminster Spaniards
2002/03Veterans AReading RustlersSpencer
2002/03Supervets AReadingRichmond Rogues
2002/03Supervets BOld LoughtoniansStaines
2001/02PremierSurbiton 2sReading 2s
2001/02Division 1Richmond 2sHounslow and Ealing 2s
2001/02Division 1 TrophyGuildford 2sHounslow and Ealing 2s
2001/02Division 3ASurbiton 3sRichmond 2A
2001/02Division 3BHampstead and Westminster Zak HondGuildford 3s
2001/02Division 4ASurbiton 4sSt. Albans Senators
2001/02Division 4BRichmond StagsBeckenham 4s
2001/02Division 5AWimbledon 5sHampstead and Westminster 6s
2001/02Division 5BOld Loughtonians GunnersSouthgate Goblets
2001/02Division 5CHampstead and Westminster ThirstsSpencer 6s
2001/02Division 5DReading RascalsLondon Wayfarers 6s
2001/02Veterans AReading RustlersSevenoaks Shadows
2001/02Veterans BSpencerSt. Albans Praetorians
2001/02Supervets AOld LoughtoniansReading
2001/02Supervets BSt. AlbansSurbiton Magnets
2000/01PremierCanterbury 2sReading 2s
2000/01Division 1Spencer Wanderers 2sSt. Albans 2s
2000/01Division 3ASurbiton 3sReading 2A
2000/01Division 3BIndian Gymkhana 3sOld Loughtonians Cannons
2000/01Division 4ASouthgate 4sSurbiton 4s
2000/01Division 4BIndian Gymkhana 4sHounslow and Ealing 4s
2000/01Division 5AHampstead and Westminster 5sWimbledon 5s
2000/01Division 5BOld Loughtonians ForestersTeddington Saplings
2000/01Division 5COld Loughtonians GunnersSouthgate Goblets
2000/01Division 5DSpencer Wanderers 6sSurbiton Dragons
2000/01Veterans ABeckenhamReading Rustlers
2000/01Veterans BHampstead and WestminsterOld Cranleighans
2000/01SupervetsSurbitonSt. Albans
1999/00Division 1BromleyOxford University 2s
1999/00Division 3AReading 2ASouthgate 3s
1999/00Division 3BSpencer Wanderers 3sTeddington 3s
1999/00Division 4ASt. Albans 4sSouthgate 4s
1999/00Division 4BSpencer Wanderers 4sBeckenham 4s
1999/00Division 5AOld Loughtonians GunnersHampstead and Westminster 5s
1999/00Division 5BTulse Hill 5sMaidenhead Magicians
1999/00Division 5COld Loughtonians ForestersLondon Wayfarers 5s
1999/00Veterans AGerrards CrossSevenoaks Shadows
1999/00Veterans BReading RustlersBeckenham
1999/00SupervetsSurbitonSt. Albans
1998/99PremierSouthgate 2sOld Loughtonians 2s
1998/99Division 1Beckenham 2sSpencer Wanderers 2s
1998/99Division 3AReading 2ASurbiton 3s
1998/99Division 3BSouthgate 3sPurley Walcountians 3s
1998/99Division 4AReading 3sSt. Albans 4s
1998/99Division 4BRichmond GriffinsPurley Walcountians 4s
1998/99Division 5AHampstead and Westminster 5sSt. Albans 5s
1998/99Division 5BSt. Albans 6sOld Loughtonians Gunners
1998/99Division 5CLondon Wayfarers 6sSouthgate 5s
1998/99Veterans ASevenoaksSpencer Wanderers
1998/99Veterans BSouthgate FlagonsOld Loughtonians
1997/98PremierSurbiton 2sSouthgate 2s
1997/98Division 1St. Albans 2sWimbledon 2s
1997/98Division 3AReading 2AOld Loughtonians 3s
1997/98Division 3BBeckenham 3sMaidenhead Mystics
1997/98Division 4ASt. Albans 4sSurbiton 4s
1997/98Division 4BSt. Albans SenatorsRichmond Stags
1997/98Division 5ARichmond 5sSt. Albans 5s
1997/98Division 5BBeckenham 5sWimbledon 5s
1997/98Division 5CSt. Albans CitizensOld Loughontians Gunners
1997/98Veterans ASevenoaksSt. Albans Centurions
1996/97PremierSurbiton 2sHounslow 2s
1996/97Division 1Guildford 2sIndian Gymkhana 2s
1996/97Division 3AReading 3sSurbiton 3s
1996/97Division 3BGuildford 3sIndian Gymkhana 3s
1996/97Division 4ASt. Albans 4sSpencer 4s
1996/97Division 4BIndian Gymkhana 4sBeckenham 4s
1996/97Division 5ASt. Albans SenatorsSt. Albans 5s
1996/97Division 5BRichmond 5sHampstead and Westminster 6s
1996/97Division 5CTeddington SaplingsOld Loughtonians 6s
1996/97Veterans ADulwich VagrantsSt. Albans Centurions
1995/96PremierSurbiton 2sReading 2s
1995/96Division 1Beckenham 2sMaidenhead 2s
1995/96Division 3AReading 2ABromley 3s
1995/96Division 3BSpencer 3sSouthgate 3s
1995/96Division 4ASt. Albans 4sRichmond Griffins
1995/96Division 4BSpencer 4sOld Loughtonians 4s
1995/96Division 5ARichmond StagsSt. Albans 5s
1995/96Division 5BSt. Albans SenatorsRichmond Deerstalkers
1995/96Division 5CWimbledon 6sSt. Albans Citizens
1994/95PremierSurbiton 2sTeddington 2s
1994/95Division 1Wimbledon 2sOxford University 2s
1994/95Division 3AReadingTeddington 3s
1994/95Division 3BHounslow 3sDulwich 3s
1994/95Division 4ARichmond 4sSt. Albans 4s
1994/95Division 4BHounslow 4sMaidenhead 4s
1994/95Division 5Hampstead and Westminster 5sSt. Albans 5s
1994/95Division 6St. Albans SenatorsRichmond Deerstalkers
1993/94PremierReading 2sSt. Albans 2s
1993/94Division 1Hampstead and Westminster 2sDulwich 2s
1993/94Division 3ASt. Albans 3sReading
1993/94Division 3BMaidenhead 3sSlough 3s
1993/94Division 4ARichmond 3sSlough 3s
1993/94Division 4BOld Kingstonian 4sHampstead and Westminster 4s
1993/94Division 5St. Albans 5sHampstead and Westminster 5s
1993/94Division 6St. Albans SenatorsRichmond Deerstalkers
1992/93PremierBromley 2sReading 2s
1992/93Division 1Guildford 2sSlough 2s
1992/933rd XIReading 3sSouthgate 3s% league; 6-2
1992/934th XISurbiton 4sRichmond 4s% league
1992/935th XISurbiton 5sRichmond 5s% league; 1-0
1992/936th XISt. Albans SenatorsSt. Albans Citizens
1991/921st XIOld Kingstonian 1sPurley 1s
1991/922nd XIReading 2sSt. Albans 2s% league 3-2
1991/923rd XIRichmond 3sSt. Albans 3s% league; 2-0
1991/924th XIRichmond 4sSt. Albans 4s% league; 4-1
1991/925th XISt. Albans 5sBromley 5s% league; 3-3 pens
1990/911st XISurbiton 1sHampstead and Westminster
1990/912nd XIReading 2sSt. Albans 2s% league; 3-1
1990/913rd XIRichmond 3sSt. Albans 3s% league; 2-0
1990/914th XISt. Albans 4sSouthgate 4s% league; 3-1
1990/915th XISt. Albans 5sHampstead and Westminster 5s% league; 1-0
1989/901st XISurbiton 1sHampstead and Westminster
1989/902nd XITeddington 2sBromley 2s% league; 2-0
1989/903rd XIBromley 3sSt. Albans 3s% league; 2-1
1989/904th XISlough 4sReading 4s% league; 1-0
1988/891st XISt. Albans 1sSurbiton 1s
1988/892nd XIRichmond 2sSt. Albans 2s% league; 2-1 aet
1988/893rd XIReadingBromley% league; 4-1
1988/894th XISlough 4sReading 4s% league; 2-1
1987/88PremierSouthgate 1sSlough 1s
1987/881st XISouthgate 1sSlough 1s% league
1987/882nd XIReading 2sSt. Albans 2s% league; 1-0
1987/883rd XISt. Albans 3sTeddington 3s% league; 1-0
1987/884th XIWimbledon 4sSt. Albans 4s% league; 1-0
1986/87PremierSlough 1sGuildford 1s
1986/871st XISlough 1sSt. Albans 1s% league
1986/872nd XITeddington 1sRichmond 1s% league; 3-2
1986/873rd XITeddington 3sReading 3s% league; 1-0
1986/874th XIReading 4sGuildford 4s% league
1985/86PremierHounslow 1sBromley 1s
1985/861st XISouthgate 1sBromley 1s% league
1985/862nd XITeddington 2sHounslow 2s% league; 5-0
1985/863rd XITeddington 3sRichmond 3s% league; 1-1, pens
1985/864th XIGuildford 4sWimbledon 4s% league
1984/85PremierSlough 1sSouthgate 1s
1984/851st XISlough 1sBlackheath 1s% league
1984/852nd XIBeckenham 2sTulse Hill 2s% league; 2-0
1984/853rd XISt. Albans 3sReading 3s% league; 2-0
1983/84PremierSouthgate 1sHounslow 1s
1983/841st XISouthgate 1sHounslow 1s% league
1983/842nd XITeddington 2sRichmond 2s% league; 0-0, pens
1983/843rd XIGuildford 3sBromley 3s% league; 1-0
1982/83PremierSlough 1sSouthgate 1s
1982/831st XISlough 1sHounslow 1s% league
1982/832nd XIBromley 2sSlough 2s% league; 0-0, pens
1982/833rd XIBeckenham 3sHampstead 3s% league; 3-1
1981/821st XISlough 1sTeddington 1s% league; 3-0
1981/822nd XISlough 2sTeddington 2s% league; 1-0
1981/823rd XIBromley 3sRichmond 3s% league
1980/811st XISlough 1sGuildford 1s% league; 4-3
1980/812nd XIReading 2sSlough 2s% league; 1-1, pens
1980/813rd XIBromley 3sSurbiton 3s% league
1979/801st XISlough 1sSouthgate 1s% league; 0-0, pens
1979/802nd XIPurley 2sTeddington 2s% league; 2-1
1979/803rd XIMaidenhead 3sSpencer 3s% league
1978/791st XISouthgate 1sSlough 1s% league; 1-0
1978/792nd XISpencer 2sBromley 2s% league; 1-0
1977/781st XISouthgate 1sGuildford 1s% league; 4-1
1977/782nd XIGuildford 2sSouthgate 2s% league; 3-2
1976/771st XISouthgate 1sSpencer 1s% league; 2-1
1976/772nd XIBromley 2sSlough 2s% league; 2-0
1975/761st XISlough 1sSouthgate 1s% league; 2-1
1975/762nd XIBromley 2sSurbiton 2s% league; 1-0
1974/751st XISouthgate 1sGuildford 1s% league; 2-1
1974/752nd XIBromley 2sSlough 2s% league; 1-0
1973/741st XISpencer 1sSouthgate 1s% league; 1-0
1973/742nd XISpencer 2sReading 2s% league; 1-0
1972/731st XISouthgate 1sHounslow 1s% league; 2-1
1972/732nd XIDulwich 2sSlough 2s% league; 1-0
1971/721st XITulse Hill 1sOxford University 1s% league; 1-0
1971/722nd XIBromley 2sDulwich 2s% league
1970/711st XITulse Hill 1sHounslow 1s% league; 2-0
1969/701st XICambridge Uni. and Surbiton-two leagues