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Slip dates/rearrangements

Paragraphs 6.2-6.4 of the Rules gives the detail on managing rearrangements.

1 Due to the suspension of club hockey due to the Covid lockdown from 5 November to 4 December, the Divisional finals have been cancelled, and the season has been extended to 25 April for all divisions. This provides clubs with extra dates to complete their fixtures.

We still plan to hold our Celebration Dinner on Friday 21 May 2021.

3 Clubs are expected to co-operate to rearrange postponed matches on other mutually-agreeable dates within the season. If clubs cannot reach agreement on a date, the league will set one. If it is genuinely not possible for a match to be rearranged before the end of the season, the league will record a 0-0 result, with 0 points per team.