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Web site history

About this web site

The London League web site was the first hockey league web site in the world.

This is the fourth version of the site, and is the first mobile-friendly hockey league web site in the world (to our knowledge). Mercifully the previous versions are no longer visible.

The site uses FixturesLive to give you the options of clicking from team to league and so on – the content is not restricted just to this league.

Club involvement

Clubs will already know that FixturesLive is integral to what we do; please help by keeping your venues and times up to date.

The map of clubs automatically detects which clubs are in current competitions; clubs can update their information by logging into the Club Administrator area of FixturesLive, and go to Info/Settings, then ActiveHub info. Clubs only appear on the map if some contact details are added (because one of the purposes of the map is to allow people to contact clubs).


If you have any feedback please email us – see Contacts; general FixturesLive feedback should go to

Technology used in this site

– WordPress – multisite
– a subscription to data feeds from FixturesLive
– the FixturesLive “Easy Theme ”
– Google Analytics, plus this Plugin:
– we also use security and back up plugins and other techie stuff
– hosting is provided by FixturesLive, who also provide the data feed (without charge to the league)

History of this site

Prior to c. 1990? the league would print and mail league tables/results to clubs a few times a season, and these would be displayed on club noticeboards. It was absolutely normal for teams to have only a rough idea they were in the league at any given point during the season.

Around 1990? fax machines became more popular, and the league started faxing tables/results to clubs as well. Teams were more likely to see recent league tables on their club noticeboards.

The first version of the site was created in c.1996 by David Lloyd-Williams of Southgate HC – who later created FixturesLive – though, at that time, relatively few people had internet access. The original site was written in plain html, which meant that that everything was entered manually, and there were very few links to click on. Between 1996 and 2001, fixtures, results and league tables were provided by the LL Administrator Lionel Thomas to David on floppy disks, sent through the post (yep, before email was widely used). David would get these on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning, copying and pasting the content from a Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet to the web site. This allowed results and tables to be published by the middle of the week, which was revolutionary at the time. David would, at league meetings, hand back to Lionel the now disused floppy disks.

In 2001, FixturesLive was created, and the London League was the first hockey league to join. The league site carried an “iframe” of content from FixturesLive.

A few years later, the site had its first upgrade, using classic asp to use ‘include’ files to provide a template and menu.

In 2007, FixturesLive produced its javascript embedding feature, which meant that content fitted better. The same plugin is used in hundreds of club and league web sites.

Soon after, the site was upgraded to FixturesLive’s data-driven CMS system – this was the second upgrade.

In 2014, the site was replaced by this WordPress version, which, notably, uses the FixturesLive WordPress league plugin.